About the Cincinnati YMCA Synchrogators Synchronized Swimming Team


Meet the Synchronized Swimming Coach

Cincinnati YMCA Synchrogator Synchronized Swim Team
Over 40 Years of Success

The Gamble Nippert YMCA synchronized swimming team was organized by Ginny Jasontek in September, 1969. The aquatic swim team began with 14 young swimmers and now has a roster of approximately 45-50. Early milestones include:

  • The first Synchronized Swimming Show in 1970. This has grown to become an annual event.
  • Competition in the first Ohio meet in 1970
  • Formerly there were two synchro programs in Cincinnati; one at Lyons YMCA (Sea Lyons) and one at GNY (Synchrogators).  In 1993 at the request of the YMCA the two teams merged to become a metro YMCA synchronized swim team with GNY being the lead YMCA for the team.

The original goals of the program are still relevant today:

1) Build a strong  competitive team whose staff provides quality instruction to aspiring young athletes.

2) Create an environment in which sport is a positive and challenging avenue, where respect and dignity are practiced, and young people develop the character and values to achieve greatness in both sport and in life.

These goals could not have been achieved without the support and passion of all the coaches who contributed to the program through the years.  Ginny’s daughter, Julie, continues this tradition and has been coaching since 1996.

Throughout the years, our numbers  have remained constant – serving around 50 aquatic athletes per year with ages of 7 years old to 18 years old. We are proud of a long history of excellence and of the athletes we have nurtured who continue to serve the sport of Synchronised Swimming as judges and coaches.  We have 60 aquatic athletes who have gone on to become National Collegiate athletes and All Americans and many who have made the USA National Team.


Team Accomplishments

The team has achieved national and international ranking, highlighted by seven Junior Olympic Championships and many National Synchronized Swimming Championships.

  • 33 time Ohio regional Synchronized Swimming Champions
  • 1994, 19951996, 2000, 2006 and 2007 18/19 US National Age Group silver medal
  • 2004 16/17 National Age Group Champions
  • 1989, 2001, 2002, 2008, and  2009 18/19 US National Age Group Champions
Cincinnati Synchronized Swimming Alumni at 2004 Olympics

Former Synchrogator at 2004 Olympics in Greece

Alumna Becky Jasontek represented the USA and the Synchrogators by winning a Bronze medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Greece.

Most importantly the Synchrogator team objective has been to train and nurture young women to instill in them the values, confidence, and leadership skills to become successful in any of their endeavors.  Almost all of our swimmers continue to college and this year’s class is attending Duke, University of Florida, William and Mary, University of Richmond, and Ohio State.


Coaching Staff

Head coach, Ginny Jasontek, is a former synchronized swimming champion from New Jersey who started the Synchrogator team 40 years ago at the Gamble-Nippert YMCA. Ginny serves as Honorary Secretary of the Technical Synchronized Swimming Committee of FINA. Iin 1991 she was elected to the Synchronized Swimming Hall of Fame. She is a National and International judge and former two term President of USSS (United States Synchronized Swimming).

16-19 Team Coach, Julie Jasontek, a Director of Physical Therapy at Cincinnati Sports Medicine, is a skilled synchronized swimmer, outstanding choreographer and a key player in the success of the Cincinnati Synchrogators whom she has coached for the past 10 seasons. Julie was a 4 time All-American Athlete and a Collegiate National Champion Synchronized Swimmer for Ohio State.

Beth (Kreimer) Daniel  earned her mechanical engineering degree from The Ohio State University. She coaches the 11/12  team and is a gifted choreographer. After swimming with the Cincinnati Synchrogators, Beth went on to Ohio State where she was an All-American Athlete for 4 years and Collegiate National Champion for 3 years. Beth was on the 2nd National Team and won a bronze medal in the team event and a gold medal in the combo event in the 2002 Swiss Open. She began coaching as a student with the Ohio State Synchronized Swimming Team that went on to be a National Collegiate Champion Team. Beth works in the field of engineering and is currently at Procter & Gamble as a contractor.

Pam McGuire was former Sea Lyons (ME Lyons YMCA team) swimmer, before they merged with the Synchrogators. Pam has been an age group coach and a technical coach working with all age groups during her time with the team.

Margaret Handleton, 10 and under coach, is an early childhood educator with a BS degree in Allied Health from The Ohio State University. She swam for the Cincinnati Sea Lyons for nine years. Margaret holds a Level 2 Coach’s Certification, and has taken courses in “First Aid for Coaches” and “CPR”. She has a daughter who swims on the team.

Marsha Walsh swam with the Synchrogators for 10 years. She earned bachelor degrees from Thomas More College in business and information systems. Marsha is currently a finance professional for Prudential Financial. She has been a synchro mom since 2007 and has 3 daughters that currently swim with the Synchrogators.   She began coaching the 10 and under age group when her third daughter joined the team in 2012.

Bethany Galla, 13-15 Team Coach swam for the Synchrogators for 8 years before going to Ohio State where she was an All-American synchronized swimmer for 3 years.  While earning a degree in fashion design, she was also a volunteer Team Manager.  While with the Synchrogators she was a National Age Group Champion in team and trio.

Leslie Edgerton, 13-15 team coach, swam for the Synchrogators and The Ohio State synchronized swim team

Kira Schall graduated from the College of William Mary with a degree in Biology and Environmental Science and is currently completing a masters in secondary science education at the University of Cincinnati.  After swimming for 9 years with the Synchrogators, she continued to swim throughout her 4 years in college and also coached the novice collegiate team while at William and Mary. Kira is currently student teaching and will coach the 11-12 age group.

Becca Schall Schall is a 2013 graduate of the College of William and Mary, having majored in Literary and Cultural Studies and Film.  She swam with CSG for 9 years and continued to swim competitively throughout college.  Having recently returned from coaching synchronized swimming internationally in Kingston, Jamaica, she will be coaching the 11-12 age group.

Chris Leahy swam for the Valdez Synchro Seals in Alaska for 10 years and currently does masters synchronized swimming with the Dayton Synchronettes. He has a computer science degree from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. Chris helps out with the 11-12 and 13-15 teams. He works as an embedded software developer.


  • Each swimmer must be (or become) a member of one of the Greater Cincinnati YMCA Branches.
  • The Parent Board sets monthly synchronized swimming dues at the beginning of each season.
  • Each swimmer be registered (done by the team) with USA Synchronized Swimming to compete with the team.
  • The team rents additional “deep water” pool time at UC in preparation for major meets (all major synchro meets are held in all deep-water pools).